March 12, 2023

How to Build a Minimum Viable App Series

Hey! First off, wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog - it’s in the beginning days so please be patient. To start off, I want to mention that I will be blogging about how to build minimum viable products (a.k.a. The simplest form of your mobile app) by walking you through my unique process.

I’m going to build a mood tracking app over the course of a month so I can show you how to approach and build something in the least scary or complicated way possible.

Building a minimum viable product of your mobile app doesn’t have to be hard.

That’s where I come in.

I currently work for a digital consulting company where we discover, build, and scale digital experiences for fortune 500 companies. I also worked as an iOS engineer/Product Manager for an app studio in Los Angeles where I helped build a social media app.

Over the past 7 years, I have also built and designed apps with the likes of Rob Dyrdek, Jamie Bestwick, Penn State Professors from the Smeal College of Business and IST, and more.

It has been a crazy and fun journey, which is why I am making this course for the aspiring entrepreneur, the person who wants to learn more about how to make an iPhone app, or for the person that wants to build something SIMPLE.

Just want to reiterate: SIMPLE.

Building an MVP shouldn’t cost you anything really. It should focus on your value proposition or what makes your app unique.

When I’m done building out this mood tracking app over the next month, you might laugh at the result since it will be incredibly simple.

That’s okay. I won’t take it personally.

But soon, you’ll realize that the big scary thought of building and launching an app is… well… laughable and stupid.

It’s a simple process and I want to help you out.

This blog IS for you if you…

1. Don’t know how to code

2. Know how to code but turned into a product manager (it’s what I did) and want to learn how to create effective MVPs (minimum viable products)

3. Want to know how to build the app idea you have in your head

What you’ll learn...

How to validate your app idea through a step-by-step walkthrough where I build a mood tracking app idea using my unique approach

How to build an app from zero to one

What you WON'T learn...

1. I won’t be doing coding tutorials but more high-level overview so you can talk the talk to other developers (I will also provide materials and recommendations that helped me out)

2. Building complex apps - however - the goal of this blog is to help you validate your idea as simply as possible so you can scale accordingly

My inspiration from this course comes from Jason Fried - he has been a role model to me as someone who cuts right to the chase for what an app should be without all of the ridiculous fundraising.

He gets it.

One last thing - if you have an app idea that you want to see built out in my next series or on the side (at an affordable price), please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I will get back to you within 48 hours (latest).

Looking forward to the next 30 days and showing you my process to build an MVP.

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