Lean App Studio

We can help you validate and develop the MVP of your iOS app today - quickly and affordably.


Our website is a minimum viable product - it's ugly but get's the job done.

You have the next great app idea. But there’s one problem: you don’t know how to code, have limited cash to develop an app, and you don’t know if you're idea is even viable. Our founders ran into the same issues while attending Penn State in their early years. We get it, and that’s why we have created the Lean App Studio. The Lean App Studio is a team of app development experts that can help you validate your idea (before development) then develop an MVP at an affordable and fixed price so you can comfortably, show investors, or enjoy watching your idea come to life. After the MVP is developed and launched, our team can help you scale your app accordingly. We'll focus on the tech so you can focus on your business.

Credibility: SBDC App Workshop, SBDC Feature, Pennsylvania State University

How it works

Step 1: Validate before building
(est time: 1-2 weeks)
Step 2: Choose design
(est time: 1-3 days)
Step 3: Begin development
(est time: 2-3 weeks)
Step 4: Test or Go Live
(est. time: 5 days)
Step 5: Scale accordingly
(est. time: as long as you want!)
Meet the Lean App Studio and tell us about your idea. If you decide to proceed, we'll set up a website (example) and use Facebook marketing to validate your idea ($200.00). Is your idea worthy? Proceed to Step 2. Choose a design for your mobile app (from our suggested templates). Pay a $200.00 retainer to kick off development. We'll take it from here and quickly develop your lean app based on the feature that makes your app unique. Test your app out with beta testers using Apple's Testflight or via the App Store. Pay rest of fixed project fee ($4,800.00). We will continue to scale or maintain your app.

Our works

Gamify Tourney Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket
Gamify - social media app
Collaborated with Rob Dyrdek on a potential partnership that allowed users to create and run social mini games via challenges, contests, and sweepstakes.
Tourney - social media app
We worked with Jamie Bestwick (Monster Energy Athlete and UK British Olympic BMX coach) and Jack Zerby (Head of Design at Gumroad) to develop a revenue generating app that allowed extreme sports athletes to compete against each other virtually.
Crypto News Brief
Developed a crypto news application that allowed users to view the day's top crypto headlines and updates.
Video Conference and Live Messaging App
Designed and developed an invite-only video conference application for a VC so they could host speaker events with livestream messaging rooms.